About Digital Ren Faire

Digital Ren Faire

The Digital Ren Faire was started by national renaissance faire performers who were all working at the Florida Renaissance Festival when COVID-19 hit. It has since grown to include vendors, faire administrators, and visual artists. DRF has two goals:


  • To bring the renaissance faire to the virtual world by producing high quality content that faire-lovers can view from their homes
  • To support the livelihood of professionals on the renaissance festival circuit by providing a digital platform

Who is Digital Ren Faire?

The board is composed of vendors and performers from across the country:

  • Production Manager: Victoria Van Arnam of The Lady Victoria
  • Creative Outreach Coordinator: Nicole Skelly of The Gwendolyn Show
  • Goodwill Ambassador: Jillian Smith

Administrators Emeriti:

  • Asia Lupo
  • Marc Mills
  • Sammy King
  • Lily Hufnagel
  • Mark Gauvin
  • Misti Bernard
  • Michael Gartner
  • Siarra Bazler
  • Connor Andrei
  • Angyl Jones
  • Olivia Harding