About Us

The Digital Ren Faire (DRF) was initially created as a response to the festival cancellations due to COVID-19 in March 2020. A group of performers at the Florida Renaissance Festival banded together to give national professional performers a digital platform for their shows during shutdown. This initial DRF aimed to bring festival patrons live experiences and content they could enjoy in the safety of their own homes.  DRF Produced two seasons of weekly content featuring performers, vendors, faire administrators and visual artists.

In 2021 when Renaissance festivals began reopening, the Digital Ren Faire shifted focus, inviting participants and patrons to learn more about our history, culture, and behind the scenes.  DRF’s main shows include podcasts highlighting the inside stories behind different aspects of the festivals. The RenTalks Podcast and the RenFaire History Podcast are available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more.  Live content continues with “The Green Room with The Gwendolyn”, a late night talk show featuring festival personalities from across the country as well as live talk backs after podcast premieres.  

DRF’s future pursuits include an online curated archive. The archive comprises over 40+ years of festival media and information on the history and development of renaissance festivals. This includes the digitization of festival ephemera and creating accessible resources for patrons and participants to learn where this unique type of event and its people came from. DRF is constantly learning, evolving and adding, so check back for more details about festival life!