Previous episodes

Digital Ren Faire hosted many streams over the course of the Pandemic. Here’s an archive of all our episodes.

First Facebook Post, from March 2020

Good day, Lords and Ladies! Welcome to #digitalrenfaire, your destination for online Renaissance Faire performances! We are taking advantage of time travely wizard magic to bring entertainment directly to your home, so that you can stay safe and socially distanced while watching your favorite Ren Faire acts.

Myths and Mysteries

A Visit to Fairhaven

Pictionary for RESCU

Valentine Special

DRF Burns Night

Santageddon: A Very DRF Christmas

November RESCU Rally

October Show

September Show

Season 3 Pub Sing

Episode 6: Enchanted Creature Ball – Fantasy Forest

Episode 5: Back in Time

Episode 4: Ren Faire of Legend

Episode 3: Night at the Tavern

Episode 2: Port Town Celebration

Episode 1: The King’s Birthday

Season 2 Pub Sing

Episode 6: Celtic Fling

Episode 5: Swashbuckler Weekend

Episode 4: Musical Madness

Episode 3: RESCU Rally

Episode 2: Adventure in the Fantasy Forest

Episode 1: All the World’s Our Stage

Season 1 Pub Sing

Episode 12: Masquerade Ball Part 2

Episode 11: Masquerade Ball Part 1

Episode 10: Tales from the Realm Part 2

Episode 9: Tales from the Realm Part 1

Episode 8: Celtic Weekend Part 2

Episode 7: Celtic Weekend Part 1

Episode 6: Magic and Music Part 2

Episode 5: Magic and Music Part 1

Episode 4: A Day at the Faire

Episode 3: A Day at the Faire Part 1

Episode 2: Opening Weekend Part 2

Episode 1: Opening Weekend – Irish Music

Digital Ren Faire Trick or Treating!